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Our Vision and Ethos

Emmanuel Community School is a Christian school, where prayer, Bible teaching and worship take place on a daily basis.

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The vision for Emmanuel Community School Beam Park is to establish high standards of literacy and numeracy.

The school has a commitment to provide excellent opportunities for all pupils in the local community regardless of their faith, background or ability. Emmanuel Community School Beam Park will reinforce the value and worth of each individual child which will help to develop a positive self-image and resilience.

The school will aim to enable its pupils to overcome disadvantages or additional learning needs and equip them to achieve success through secondary, further or higher education and go on to fulfil their full potential.

School vision

  • To be centre of the community
  • Curriculum – use of nature as much as possible
  • School community is key
  • Literacy and numeracy lessons are key to be broken out into small
  • Music is big focus also – singing all together
  • Outdoor area to hard standing
  • Specialist area – DT & Cookery ideally provided

Our ethos

The ethos of Emmanuel Community School Beam Park School will be ‘Learning for Life’. It will be a non-selective school that reflects the ethnic diversity of the local community, welcoming pupils of all faiths and no faith, but whose parents/carers welcome, high standards of care, close monitoring of behaviour and a strong sense of aspiration for every child.

The school will:

  • Provide a safe, secure and stimulating learning environment in which pupils can enjoy learning and develop positive relationships with others.
  • Deploy a range of teaching styles to meet the needs of different learners.
  • Insist on high expectations of attainment and behaviour.
  • Involve parents and carers in school life and develop strong links with local community.
  • Celebrate all achievements.
  • Provide experiential learning outside of the classroom at every opportunity
  • Give pupils opportunities to voice their ideas and opinions, thus ensuring that their voice is heard and listened to.
  • Provide more learning hours through its wrap-around care (8.00am – 6.00pm)

Pupils who pass through Emmanuel Community School Beam Park School will be expected to:

  1. Score highly in literacy & numeracy (as a minimum to exceed the national and local average scores at key stages 1 & 2).
  2. Develop high aspirations and proceed to further or higher education
  3. Appreciate diverse cultures and have an international perspective to contribute to better community cohesion.
  4. Gain life skills in a range of activities to include music, sports and languages.
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