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Computing Curriculum Overview

Autumn 1Autumn 2Spring 1Spring 2Summer 1Summer 2
Reception – Red Class
Year 1 – Orange ClassComputing systems and networks – Technology around usCreating media – Digital paintingProgramming A – Moving a robot Data and information – Grouping dataCreating media – Digital writingProgramming B – Programming animations
Year 2 – Yellow ClassComputing systems and networks – IT around usCreating media – Digital photographyProgramming A – Robot algorithms Data and information - PictogramsCreating media – Digital musicProgramming B – Programming quizzes
Year 3 – Green ClassComputer systems and networks – Connecting computers Creating media – Stop-frame animationProgramming A – Sequencing sounds Data and information – Branching databasesCreating media – Desktop publishing Programming B – Events and desired actions in programs
Year 4 – Blue ClassComputing systems and networks – The Internet Creating media – Audio productionProgramming A – Repetition in shapes Data and information – Data loggingCreating media – Photo editing Programming B – Repetition in games
Year 5 – Indigo ClassComputing systems and networks – Systems and searching Creating media – Video production Programming A – Selection in physical computing Data and information – Flat-file databasesCreating media – Introduction to vector graphics Programming B – Selection in quizzes
Year 6 – Violet ClassComputing systems and networks – Communication and collaboration Creating media – Web page creationProgramming A – Variables in gamesData and information – Introduction to SpreadsheetsCreating media – 3D modelling Programming B – Sensing movement
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